A real time, production tracking software that’s designed to improve control and increase efficiency. SofTrack’s job order tracking allows the user to:

  • Determine the location of an order in real time
  • Track Parts you send
    for Outside Processing
  • Maximize production efficiency through better scheduling
  • Monitor employee
    activities and attendance
  • Establish production times
    and correctly allocate costs to specific job orders and product
  • Password protected so that Users have access only to the areas they are suppose to.
  • Multiple Shifts, are allowed.
  • Control R&D Projects,
    Cost and Times
It’s a software that keeps your production personnel working on what they do best, production. Through the use of barcode scanning and time clocking, the system provides accurate information with minimal input from your production personnel. SofTrack is easy to use and training time is quick.

SofTrack’s two main components are the Production module and the Time Clock module. The first controls work orders at the shop floor level. The second monitors employee attendance and reports on job assignments. Together, they provide the shop manager with a powerful tool that controls production and improves output.

Priced just right, every shop can benefit from the advantages that SofTrack provides. Regardless of the number of workstations or users, SofTrack is based on a single user price for life. If the number of stations is increased in the future, then the price of any hardware is the only additional cost required. SofTrack comes with a 1-year tech support and software update package included. After the first year, a small fee is charged if you choose to continue with the support and update service. Overall, SofTrack is the most affordable software of it’s kind on the market.

Please contact our sales team for a quote or for more product information.

We consider the relationship with our customers to be ongoing and growing. When our customers succeed, we succeed as well. If SofTrack can be a small part of that success, then we’ve accomplished our goal. We encourage input from our customers and SofTrack’s future updates will be based not only on our own ideas, but also on those suggestions supplied by our customers. All suggestions will be most definitely welcomed at main-Mail-Box