Material Calculator is a very simple and easy to use software to calculate sheet stock layout.

-Simply by entering the blank you want to cut and the sheet stock you want to use, Material Calculator calculates the best blank rotation in order to achieve best sheet usage.

-In this new version we implemented:

- Better graphic representation of the sheets, as well as the distance between blanks is now drawn as well. Distance between blanks is very useful if you're dealing with Saw cutting or if you are making a CNC program and you want to calculate best cutting size for the machine, in this case use the distance between parts to match the width of the cutting tool you are planning on using to cut in between parts. -

-Now you can manipulate grain any way you want and Material Calculator will calculate best usage in accordance with grain constrains.

-New Layout philosophy, in terms of Blank rotation versus Scrap percentage, as well as Scrap zone calculation. - Accepts both Imperial and Metric units, the visual representation will scale itself to fit the Drawing window.

Material Calculator is a simple and user friendly tool to be used for shearing or saw cutting sheets of material. This software was designed to help you save material when shearing or cutting sheets, take a look at a practical example:
Assume we are cutting 200 Blanks 25.125 x 9.125 from a 96"x48" Sheet.
-Cutting the 25.125" out of the 96" sheet side we would get 17 Blanks per Sheet therefore we need 12 sheets for this project.

-By rotating the blank on the sheet we would get 16 Blanks per sheet, therefore spending one more sheet than required.

The above example happens quite often, and that's where you will appreciate Material Calculator.

After calculating your cut layout take a printout and give it to your shear/saw operator and that way you are sure that you will get the best usage on your material stock.
This is just a small example of how much this software can save you.


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